The standard use case is to run databench locally. However, Databench can also be deployed on servers/platforms that support deploying WebSocket applications.


You need a Procfile file

web: databench

and your requirements.txt file. Databench will pick up the environment variable PORT. An example repository that is deployed on Heroku is databench_examples_viewer.

Local Docker

It is helpful to build and run the Docker image locally when developing:

docker build --tag=databench .
docker run --rm -p -i -t databench

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk builds a new Docker image from the Dockerfile. You can also run those images locally (see below), but this is not necessary for deploying to AWS.

Get the AWS Elastic Beanstalk command line client eb here: or brew install aws-elasticbeanstalk. Its interface is oriented on git commands. So you can go to your project’s directory (which is a git repository) initialize the project with eb init. Answer a few questions. Once done, deploy the app with eb start. That creates the environment. Once an environment is created, deploy with eb push.

Example eb init options:

  • Access Key ID: xxxxxxx
  • Secret Access Key: xxxxxxx
  • region: 1) US East (Virginia)
  • application name: databench_examples
  • env name: databenchexamples_env
  • environment tier: 1) WebServer::Standard::1.0
  • solution stack: 41) 64bit Amazon Linux 2014.03 v1.0.1 running Docker 1.0.0
  • env type: 2) SingleInstance
  • create RDS DB instance: no
  • instance profile: pick one


  • no module named boto: do pip install boto before eb start.
  • the web console is at and make sure you are looking at the right region which can be selected in the top-right corner
  • eb logs shows more details
  • If deployments become even slower, check /var/log/docker-ps.log (part of the logs). It could be that some other docker image is still building in the background from a previous eb push.
  • eb start might timeout in your terminal. The Web interface usually shows “updating” a bit longer and it should finish within 10 minutes. The timeout does not affect the underlying build process.